Monday, 18 May 2009

PEN Club Trieste: the Officers

As of January 2008 the Officers of the PEN Club Trieste are:

Claudio H. Martelli - President
Antonio Della Rocca - Vice President
Erika Mattea Vida - Secretary
Roberto Fabris - Treasurer

Juan Octavio Prenz as Past President is part of the Steering Committee, together with the Officers and Ivan Bujukliev, Carla Carloni Mocavero, Claudio Grisancich, Elvio Guagnini, Luciano Morandini, Marina Moretti and Rina Anna Rusconi.

The seat is in Piazza Giotti 1, c/o Artecultura, 34133 TRIESTE, tel. +39 040 767075 mail to

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