Friday, 23 May 2014


After the Bled 46° International Meeting of the Slovene PEN, our International Secretary, Takeaki Hori, and I agreed about this being the right time for him to come to Trieste for a short visit before joining with me the Board Meeting to be held on May 16th/18th in Barcelona.
It has been a pleasure as well as a great honour for our Centre to have Hori-san among us after having celebrated our first Decennial, and an acknowledgment by PEN International of our modest achievements.
We tried to do our best in making his stay in our city significant whilst trying also to make it pleasant: there is so much to be seen in Trieste, and not only in terms of monumental and architectural objects, but above all in the atmosphere, in the different literary and cultural aspects of this multicultural place.
In the official part of this very friendly and informal visit, Hori-san met the City Counsellor for Cultural Affairs Franco Miracco at the City Hall, the Vice President of the Province of Trieste Igor Dolenc at the Galatti Palace, exchanging views about the role of PEN International and the significance of PEN Trieste’s activity.
He was also asked to give a speech about PEN international and its activity to about a hundred interested students at the Classical Lycée entitled to Dante Alighieri. I was very proud to introduce him to the students in the very Assembly Hall in which I gave a speech about Luigi Pirandello on March 16th, 1961. We gave out many copies of the Girona Manifest, of the Bled Manifest of Writers for Peace Committee and the Declaration on Digital Rights in their Italian version.
Hori-san attended also a meeting of the experimental PEN Trieste Readers chapter and found it very interesting. Afterwards he gave an informal speech about PEN International aims to our Members.
We introduced him also to the publishing house Hammerle and had a chat about our new book series “I LIBRI DEL PEN TRIESTE”, of which the second number is currently coming out.
Obviously we could not miss a visit to the famous Antico Caffé San Marco and to the three statues of Joyce, Saba and Svevo walking down the streets of Trieste to their historical places of work. In the one you will find below you may see Takeaki presenting my last book to Italo Svevo :-)

All in all, we had a very good time together. We spoke of literature, of PEN and of some (dishevelled) dreams of PEN Trieste, but that’s another story for another time.
I only regret that the local Italian newspaper, Il Piccolo, did not take note of the visit, whilst the local Slovene newspaper, Primorski Dnevnik, did it and I have to thank them for it.

Below Juan Octavio Prenz, Antonio Della Rocca and Takeaki Hori with Svevo.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

PEN Trieste Giovani

Articolo su IL PICCOLO del 10.4.2014

PEN Trieste Giovani

 Il PEN Trieste – uno dei Centri del PEN International, la più antica associazione mondiale di scrittori, saggisti e poeti, con 145 Centri in più di 100 paesi - vuole contattare scrittori e poeti under 35 proponendo loro, a titolo di esperimento pilota, una modalità di associazione al PEN Trieste con una quota ridotta, ed accettando per questa categoria che il criterio di ammissione non contempli necessariamente la pubblicazione di almeno un volume, ma solo (comprovate) valide pubblicazioni online. Tra i programmi del PEN Trieste ci sono comunque interessanti iniziative di tipo editoriale.

È necessaria l’adesione ai principi del PEN International per far parte di una ONG – sovranazionale per definizione – che permette di allacciare rapporti e di trovare contatti con i Centri PEN che abbiano anch’essi una significativa quota di giovani.

Al fine di dare maggiori informazioni sul PEN International e sul PEN Trieste si prevede un incontro nel corso del quale saranno disponibili Antonio Della Rocca, membro del Board del PEN International e Presidente del PEN Trieste, e Lina Morselli, Segretario Generale.

L’incontro è previsto per giovedì 10 aprile 2014 alle ore 18.30 presso KNULP, via Madonna del Mare 7/A.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

PEN Trieste Officers 2014 - 2016

Following to the decisions of the General Meeting of March 11, 2014 and of the Board of PEN Trieste of March 25, 2014,

the Officers of the organization for the years 2014 – 2016 are:

Antonio Della Rocca - President
Juan Octavio Prenz - Past President,
Rina Anna Rusconi - Vice President
Lina Morselli - Secretary General

Ivan Bujukljev, Carla Carloni Mocavero and Marina Torossi Tevini are Members of the Board.

In charge for the liaison to the Central Committees:

Writers for Peace Committee – Antonio Della Rocca
Writers in Prison Committee – Julius Franzot
Translation & Linguistic Right Committee – Ana Cecilia Prenz
Women Writers Committee – Lina Morselli

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A contribution Dirk-Uwe Becker, member of PEN Trieste, left to the Ukrainian stand during the Book Fair of Leipzig.

die Toten des Maydan
liegen als Kiesel
am Strand von Sewastopol
die Tatze
des russischen Baeren
drueckt ihre Traenen
in den Untergrund
dornige Rosen wachsen
wo sie sie die Erde befeuchten

the dead people of Maydan
are resting as pebble stones
at the beach of Sewastopol
their tears
were pressed into the subsurface
by the paw
of the russian bear
spiny roses grow
where the soil
will be moisturized
by it

With best regards to all writers, who write for a free an undivided world & Ciao

Dirk-Uwe Becker